Elkins and Greater Randolph County
Randolph County Old Time Fiddler's Group


This page is dedicated to Wilson Douglas, our current featured Old-time Fiddler. The page will contain links to all the Wilson Douglas Youtube video tunes we can find and there are a bunch of them out there. Of course, one can always just go directly to Youtube and enter 'Wilson Douglas fiddle' and get the same list but this page is created to honor Wilson and encourage everyone in the FSG to learn his versions of the fiddle tunes.

If the group likes it and uses it, we will feature other West Virginia favorites.


How the Fiddler's Support Group Works

Let's say that you are interested in learning how to play the fiddle. So, you start taking lessons from someone. As a beginner, you feel lonely and isolated (boo hoo) because no one wants to hear a beginning fiddler practice or play for very long (if at all).

You hear about us! You come to one of our jams. We welcome you and ask you to suggest a tune. If you can play the tune or have a CD of the tune, we will try to play it with you, slowly. Then, someone else will suggest a tune and we will play that tune. If you do not know the tune and if you read music, we will offer you sheet music if we have it. If you play by ear only we will offer you a recording of the tune if we have it. Over time, a bunch of tunes will develop that the group will know and can play together.

Where and When do We Meet

Meetings take place on the first and third Monday of each month.  We meet at  7:00 PM until 9:00 PM. We meet at the Randolph County Art Center usually but can meet at the house of one of the members on occasion. We are not restricted to meeting in Elkins or Randolph County. We welcome everyone interested in coming. But in the interest of travel time for most attendees, we want to keep the driving time down to about thirty minutes.

The Monday night meetings are not to replace the Wednesday night Pickin' meetings. We will attend these as well.

Another thing - the Monday night meetings are not fiddle lessons. We are there to play and not to teach although learning will happen.

How Do You Join?

This is not a club. We have no dues or any official organization. All you do is show up. The only activity of the Fiddler's Support Group is to play tunes. We will keep an email list to inform folks when and where the next meeting will be held and this web page will also contain that information.

What Kind of Music is Played?

We play fiddle tunes. We emphasize American traditional fiddle tunes especially Appalachian fiddle tunes but also welcome other types of fiddle music such as -- well, that other stuff. We play square dance tunes, waltzes, and maybe vocals both secular and gospel.

Sample List of Tunes

Here are some of tunes we might play at our jam.

Notes about Our Jams

The inaugural meeting of the Fiddler's Support Group was a great success. The list of tunes we played can be viewed at this link. March 17th Song List

We have met regularly since the first meeting and several new people have joined us. At the meeting at the Proudfoot Farm we had two bass fiddles, two guitar, one banjo and five fiddler's (as I recall). Our first meeting at the Art Center was attended by five fiddlers, two guitars and a bass player.

Notice - Our Newest Feature Additions to the FSG Web Page

The Fiddle Tunes of Interest

We are adding a new fiddle tune played slowly every other month or so, starting September. Along with the tune will be the sheet music for those who are paper trained. This feature is provided by our supporting accomplished Oldtime fiddler, Mary Caraher. Click here!

The Fiddle Instruction Books We Use

Here is a list of the fiddle instruction books we use and recommend. Of course there are many other excellent resource books but these are the ones we use.


Mary Gordon's newest fiddle instruction book is: "The All-In-One Oldtime Jam Book" available at FSG or from her web site.