From the Foolproof Fiddle book:


1.                  Cripple Creek                 A          (E3)

2.                  Soldier’s Joy                   D         (A0)

3.                  Little Liza Jane               A          (A2)

4.                  Buffalo Gals                    A          (A0)

5.                  Angeline the Baker        D         (A0)

6.                  Amazing Grace               G         (A0)

7.                  Old Joe Clark                 A          (E0)

8.                  Cluck Old Hen                Am       (E0-E3)

9.          Elk River Blues             G         (A0)


From the Training Wheels in D Major book


1.                  Shoo Fly                                       (A0-A3)

2.                  Camp Meetinot 4th of July     (D0)

3.                  Saint Anne’s Reel                      (A3-E0-E1)

4.                  Flop Eared Mule                        (E1)

5.                  Coleman’s March                       (D0)

6.                  Arkansas Traveler                     (D0)

7.                  Snake River Reel                      (E3)

8.                  Midnight on the Water              (D0)


From Featured Fiddler Lessons


1.                  Helvetia Polka                 D         (D0)                

2.                  Waiting for Boatman      D          (D2)

3.                  Chinquapin Hunting       D         (E3-E4)

4.                  Martha Campbell                        D         (D0-D2)

5.                  Horney Ewe                     A          (A0-A1-A2)

6.                  June Apple                      A          (E0)

7.                  Goin’ Across the Sea     D         (E1-E2-E3)

8.                  Waynesboro                    G         (D0)

9.                  John Ryan’s Polka          D         (A3-A2-A1)


From Other Sources


1.                 Spotted Pony                   D         (A0-E3-E1)

2.         Over the Waterfall          D         (E1-E3)

3.         Napoleon Cross Rhine  D         (D2-D3)

4.         West Fork Gals               D         (E1-A3)

5.         Ragtime Annie                 D         (A0-A1)

6.         Mississippi Sawyer         D         (E1-E2-E3)

7.         Old Suzzane                    A          (A0-A1-A2)

8.         Water Bound                   A          (A2-A1-A0)