May 5th Slow Jam List

(May 9, 2008)


1.†††† Cripple Creek†† A

2.†††† Boil Them Cabbage Down †††††† A

3.†††† Angeline the Baker†† D

4.†††† Flop Eared Mule†††††† D

5.†††† Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss D (?)Maybe we just talked about playing this tune.)

6.†††† Napoleon Crossing the Rhine†† D

7.†††† Over the Waterfall††† D

8.†††† Shoo FlyD

9.†††† West Fork Girls††††††† ††††††† D

10.†† Snake River Reel†††† D

11.†† Colemanís March†††† D

12.†† Midnight on the Water††††† D